Technology & Data Lab

As befits our name, Datonics is all about the science of consumer data. Our commitment to building a scientific, research-oriented, and results-driven corporate culture and product offering led to our establishment of the Datonics Data Lab.

Staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, the Datonics Data Lab is tasked with the mission of analyzing, classifying and optimizing the collection, categorization and distribution of incoming and outgoing non personally-identifiable information that is collected by Datonics from data provider partners and distributed onward to platform partners and their marketers.

In addition to 400+ prepackaged segments, Datonics uniquely offers partners an unlimited number of custom segments powered by a keyword-driven taxonomy, allowing platform partners and their marketers to reach the exact audience of consumers they currently buy on Search engines, wherever that audience goes online.

Our commitment to the scientific approach is driven by our commitment to you, our partners!